Alexander captures the heart of the reader from the beginning. As a young boy he hears of the legends of the lost kingdom of Afala. As he grows into manhood and becomes a Glasgow University professor he determines in his heart that one day he will solve its mysteries. 

Sarah,  a fiery Scottish redhead partners with Alexander to solve difficult clues about his lost kingdom. It takes them on an incredible journey for which neither of them are prepared.  


Bartholomew is the Keeper of the Stones of Time that allows him to see into the future. He has selected the "chosen ones" to help him with an important quest while striving to save mankind from early destruction.


Vortig, evil ruler of the Dark World on the other side of the barrier known as the Valley of Shadows, yearns to rule the lands above and below the earth. His mission is to destroy the land of Afala, the knights of valor, and the power of the kingdom that resides within the medallion. 


Sela the unicorn is the giver of the medallion worn by the king. Everything that is good in the land is the result of her power. The people of the land of Afala love her and will do anything to protect her.


He is the deserter knight of the king whose real name is Osric. It is hard to believe that such a valinnt knight could fall so far to betray his land, his country and his friends just for greed of power. With his new given name of Mortoba he will do anything to take the throne of Afala for himself.