David A. Wagner

"I believe in make believe!"

David was born in Windsor, Ontario and later lived in England where he attended Seminary. During his summer breaks he lived in Scotland where he met and fell in love with his wife to be, Helen. He ran a counselling office at an inner city core church in Windsor, for a number of years.


In later years, he discovered his love of writing was something he wanted to pursue. His time spent in Scotland became the basis for his first fantasy fiction book, Kingdom of the Medallion which is the first in an eight book series called The Chronicles of Bartholomew.  David said, “I wanted to write a book that my children, my grandchildren, and the neighbourhood kids would love to read and enjoy. He has found that his book is being enjoyed by readers of all ages!”


David and Helen are the proud parents of three children who are doing wonderful things in the world and enjoying life to the full. David and Helen also enjoy the fantastic world of Steampunk. They   regularly attend conventions with friends at Teslacon in Wisconsin, Medieval Festival in Michigan and Comicon in their own city of Windsor, after laboriously and meticulously preparing their costumes, of course! 


If you spot David in the wild, be sure to say hello to his miniature animated baby unicorn Sela that rides on his shoulder during conventions. She symbolizes the unicorn that is on the front cover of the first book and everyone wants to pet her.

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